Blue Flower Glaze Red Censer Legend

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Blue Flower Glaze Red Censer Legend


In the early years of the Republic of China, Jingdezhen had a famous ceramic artist. His name was Huang, and he was named Xiu Xiu. He was from Fengcheng, Jiangxi. He has a superb color glaze and blue and white craftsmanship. In particular, he made antique products for the sculpture process. The porcelain was not opened yet, and was ordered by the merchants. The people in the town helped him to take a nickname called "get steady."

  At that time, a foreigner named Bi Shishi went to the town to upload Catholicism and had to build a church to teach. Bishop looked for the construction site of the church. The east could not be completed, and the west would not be. He heard that there is a five-dragon dragonfly behind the lotus pond. The scenery of this place is very beautiful. Wulong Temple is the famous Ming Dynasty temple in the town. It is in front of the Lotus Pond, and behind it is the Leigong Mountain. The ancient trees around the temple are towering, and it is a good place to cultivate nature.

  Bishop was a foreigner and had come from the province. He really wanted to build his Catholic Church in Wulong County. The county governor also had no alternative. The news quickly spread to the Wulong Temple. The monks in the temple were all angry. Some shook their heads and some were lame. Some young monks were even more fiery. They proposed to fight with the foreigner. The elders in the temple were calm and full of energy. They just frowned and closed their eyes. They continued to read in their mouths: “Amitabha, goodness, goodness!” At this moment, a middle-aged monk was not hesitant. Say: "Master, don't worry, look at how the foreigner came and say it. It's time for the young monk to deal with it." The middle-aged monk called Hongyun. After reading the book for a few years, he was very flexible. We all call him "Wisdom Star." However, like this big thing, and it is a foreign country, how can Red Cloud be able to deal with it? The disciples all worry about him.